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Moran Roofing Specialist’s Roofing Guide for Homebuyers

Moran Roofing Specialist’s Guide for Homebuyers

Searching for a new home can be an extremely exciting (albeit stressful) time, and whilst it’s important that all the boxes are ticked when it comes to your dream  home requirements, such as location, number of bedrooms, parking, garden, etc – it’s REALLY important to not overlook the roof!

Finding your perfect property, only to face the disappointment of being told by a surveyor that the roof is in poor condition, not only increases stress levels, it could also end up costing large sums of money in roof repairs or even replacement. To prevent this happening to you, here’s Moran Roofing Specialist’s Roofing Guide for Homebuyers



One of the first things you should consider when you’re viewing a house is the age of its roof. If you’re looking at a relatively new property, then it’s unlikely that you’ll need to make any urgent roof repairs, however it’s always best to inspect the roof for wear and tear.  If you’re viewing a property that’s on the older end of the spectrum it’s vital that you ask questions about its age and condition as well as looking for any signs of damage like slipped tiles, missing flashing or loose mortar. 



Gutters and Drainage

You should make sure any potential property has a fully-functioning guttering system. Are there any cracks? Do the gutters appear to be clogged? Is the gutter at a steep enough incline to allow water to run down it efficiently? A faulty gutter and drainage system can cause leaks, damp and potentially, structural damage which can cost thousands of pounds, so be vigilant!


Ventilation system

Another important factor in a roof’s performance and longevity is its ventilation system. If a roof isn’t properly ventilated it may become too warm during summer; lofts can become extremely hot, and this can result in heat damage to the roof’s interior. Always ask to look up in the loft when viewing a property to get an idea of ventilation, as well as insulation.


Wear and tear

Minor wear and tear such as cracked or chipped tiles occur on all roofs and generally won’t cost huge amounts to replace. However, if you do purchase a property requiring this type of roof maintenance, you should still aim to complete renovations as soon as possible to prevent leaks and water damage in the future.


Signs of water damage and mould

Keep a keen eye out when checking the interior of any property you visit, especially the upper floors. If you notice any mould or signs of water damage such as dark patches, it’s highly likely that the roof already has a leak somewhere. This can mean an expensive repair bill or, in severe cases, a weakened roof structure due to prolonged exposure to leaks. 

Need more help? Are you looking for skilled roofing contractor in Farnham and surrounding areas? Look no further! At Moran Roofing Specialists, we offer a wide range of roofing services. Our team can assess your roof and provide information on the appropriate repairs to suit your budget. We specialise in all types of domestic and heritage roofing.

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