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Case Study

Roof Replacement for H. Bradley-Ritt


This Case Study is an overview of a Roof Replacement for H. Bradley-Ritt. Find out her experience of using our services.

I consulted with many roofing specialists as well as a building surveyor to understand the scale and type of work required and determine how best to proceed with the project. This would even decide whether or not I would go through with buying the house.

Moran Roofing was recommended to me by a local resident of the Farnham area who had heard good things about the company through conversations in the community.

The property was originally built in 1910 and still had the same roofing in place, which meant a lot of broken tiles and the associated leaks, structural timbers needing remedial work and sub-standard insulation by today’s regulations (111-year-old horsehair doesn’t add much warmth). It was clear from the building survey and the specialist roofing survey I had conducted that the whole roof needed to be replaced.

I instructed for the whole
roof to be replaced, for the chimneys to be made good and the structural timbers to be treated for rot where they didn’t need a wholesale replacement. It was an important job: not only for me and my family who live here but also because we felt the responsibility to look after such a historic property as its current custodians.

Lee Moran was thorough in setting out the options and associated quotes and the certifications that would come with contracting his company which gave additional peace of mind.

The project, as most do, started later and extended beyond the original time scheduled due to a combination of weather, supply chain challenges arising from both Brexit and Covid-19 and the complexity of completely re-roofing a property that is both attached and not a standard shape.

However, the team were professional under John’s foremanship and both he and Lee were great in keeping me updated on progress, decisions that needed to be made along the way, and generally being friendly and pleasant to have working on-site for the time it took to deliver the work. I was working from home throughout the project, and they felt like an extension of my own team which was great.

Moran Roofing met my expectations and went above and beyond in terms of communication throughout the process. This was great as it helped me have a better understanding of roofing as a craft and this will be important as I continue to look after my home over the coming years. It also helped me make the right decisions on choices of materials and that kind of thing.

I would be happy to recommend Moran Roofing to anyone needing a quality service and end-result. The team understood what it means to re-roof a complex older property and took the time and respect required to achieve the right outcome.”


H. Bradley-Ritt 

Roof Replacement for H. Bradley-Ritt

If you were interested in our Roof Replacement for H. Bradley-Ritt, Moran Roofing can assess your roof and provide information on the appropriate repairs to suit your budget and help you decide whether a full roof replacement may be necessary.

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