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Case Study

A Roof Replacement project for Mrs Thorne


This Case Study is a Roof Replacement for Mrs Thorne. Find out her experience of using our services.

“We had several potential contractors but, after having spoken to several Moran Roofing’s recent customers and given the firm’s long-standing presence in Farnham, we decided to choose Moran Roofing without directly comparing detailed quotes.

Moran Roofing has a well-known and visible presence in Farnham and we knew a number of recent customers who could give us their opinions.

The tile roof on the original part of our home, being almost 100 years old, had been showing clear signs of deterioration and required renewal/replacement.

Original instructions were for the replacement of the tile roof on the original part of our house, and the porch, the replacement of gutters and broken downpipe. In addition, given that the newly-laid insulation had to be thicker than the depth of the joists, we asked for a raised platform/floor to be constructed in part of the loft in order to provide storage space.

After a site visit, the quote was given (and the scope of works clarified) by an exchange of emails. Costs for the additional works were agreed prior to those works being undertaken.

The team on site could not have been better. They kept us fully informed and the job was finished within the expected time.

Besides being polite, friendly and hard-working, Jack and his team were mindful of our needs and kept us informed as to what they were doing and what we should expect as we remained in occupation of the house during the works period.

Our experience of Moran Roofing’s team was very positive. They did an excellent job on the roof as well as the additional works in the loft and kept disruption to a minimum


Mrs Thorne

Roof Replacement for Mrs Thorne

If you were interested in our Roof Replacement for Mrs Thorne, Moran roofing can assess your roof and provide information on the appropriate repairs to suit your budget and help you decide whether a full roof replacement may be necessary.

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